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During times of transitions, stress, and challenges you may find it hard to re-define, balance and align your life and relationships. Feeling stuck, overwhelmed and alone you may give up hope for a lasting marriage.

Turbulent times In marriages call for the best marriage counselor, who will provide a safe, empathetic and calm environment that will heal and fill your emotional needs with the people that matter to you in order to achieve a balanced life.

What makes a lasting marriage?

Our experience has revealed that couples in lasting marriages are not necessarily richer, smarter or more intelligent than others. Rather they have adopted a system whereby they prevent their negative feelings and thought about each other-we all have them- from overpowering the positive ones. Such a marriage is referred to as an “emotionally intelligent marriage”.

Drawing from the wisdom of others before us such as Dr. Gottman who wrote “The seven principles for making the marriage work” we understand that the more an individual is in touch with his emotions the more he is better at getting along with others. And the same principle is applicable in relationships such as marriages.

If you are looking for the best Marriage Counselor in Nanaimo BC then you are in the competent hands of qualified marriage counselors. We have been members of the Canadian Psychological Association for quite a while.

We understand that you could be working or have another commitment that is the reason we have flexible working hours depending on our clients’ needs. You can schedule your schedule at your most convenient time. Our rates are quite affordable and you can pay via cash or credit cards.

If you are feeling like throwing in the towel on your marriage, there is no need to go through that trauma anymore choose the best marriage counseling services in Nanaimo BC by contacting us today or visit our website at